Sponsorship Opportunities with Lian Dolan and the Satellite Sisters

Lian is an experienced writer, broadcaster, and spokesperson who understands what it means to work with sponsors.

Lian is trusted by moms and women for her humorous take on day-to-day issues, from parenting dilemmas to getting dinner on the table. Lian is authentic in her voice and professional in her approach to working with companies and products.


ss_squareWorking with Lian Dolan and Satellite Sisters

Multi-Platform Sponsorship

Satellite Sisters is an award-winning multimedia brand that includes twice-weekly podcasts, Satellite Sisters website and  blog plus social media communities on Facebook and Twitter.

Created by five real life sisters in 2000, the Satellite Sisters have become a trusted and valued name in media, winning more Gracie Allen Awards for excellence in women’s media than any other radio show or website in history. The Satellite Sisters pioneered connecting to women on important issues through humor, warmth and empathy in the digital space. We like to work very closely with sponsors to create a meaningful relationship that benefits both the sponsor and the Satellite Sisters audience. When you chose to partner with the Satellite Sisters, you are getting personal endorsements from well-respected media professionals, as well as a wives, mothers, sisters, teachers, nurses, executives and community volunteers – real women who connect with your consumers. It is not just an ad: it’s a commitment to a positive, personal message.

Some facts:

  • Nominated for a coveted Marconi for Best Radio Personalities – the only women’s show ever in this category.
  • 2014 Gracie Award Winner for Outstanding Original Online Programming from the Alliance of Women in Media
  • Nominated for Best Podcast in Lifestyle and Health category by the Podcast Awards and The Stitcher Awards
  • Top-Rated Podcast for Women on iTunes and Stitcher Radio
  • Active and Engaged Online Community of Women 35 to 55 on Facebook + Twitter

Media sponsorship packages are available that include:

  • Title sponsorship of podcast and audio archives
  • Ads on the website and blog
  • Access to social media associated with The Satellite Sisters
  • Personal appearances
  • Media tours
  • Specialized podcasts and vlogs,
  • Dedicated blog posts
  • Contests and giveaways

Companies that have partnered with the Satellite Sisters to create custom targeted messages include: 

  • Unilever
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Quaker Oats
  • General Mills
  • JC Penney
  • Nivea
  • Oregon Chai

Please e-mail us at sisters@satellitesisters.com or liz@satellitesisters.com for complete information.