Bring Your Own Book Club:

Let’s Talk about The Sweeney Sisters

Did you pick The Sweeney Sisters for your Book Club Read?

The Sweeney Sisters, A Novel by Lian Dolan
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Attention, Book Club members! Or any readers of The Sweeney Sisters who want to join in on a discussion of the summer bestseller…

Introducing – Bring Your Own Book Club: Let’s talk about The Sweeney Sisters! An online book club talk for readers who have finished The Sweeney Sisters. Hosted by author Lian Dolan of Satellite Sisters. Fun, informal, ask your questions on camera, join in a lively chat with other readers. makes a book club discussion with the author an easy event to schedule.

Offered every Wednesdays in September and October. And one Sunday Brunch in October! Click below for Fall Schedule.

For dates and times this Fall registration, please visit Lian Dolan’s Crowdcast Page. Crowdcast is an easy, user-friendly platform. It’s free and only requires an email to join. Helpful technical tips including device & browser requirements for using Crowdcast can be found here.